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Municipal Violations

If you have been charged with violating the municipal laws of Illniois, the consequences can be substantial. You will be required to appear in municipal court and could be sentenced with significant fines, community service, and more depending on the type of violation. Gary L. Morris knows the codes and can help you.

  •  Traffic offenses

  •  DUI or drunk driving

  •  Drug possession

  •  Juvenile crimes

  •  Boating, fishing, or hunting violations

  •  Reckless driving

  •  And more

Violations of the local municipal code

As a former prosecutor, Gary L. Morris can understand cases from both sides and can anticipate opposing arguments to make your case as strong as possible. Don't go to municipal court alone--make sure you have an experienced attorney in your corner.

Our unique perspective can strengthen your case

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With over 30 years of trial practice and litigation experience, Gary L. Morris brings big firm expertise to you at affordable rates.