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A DUI or traffic violation stains your record and decreases your chances for certain amenities in life. You do not have to tolerate the inconvenience of not being able to drive or the disappointment of having a tainted record - come to us today.

Recruit Gary L. Morris to help you bring your license or traffic violation to a satisfying conclusion.

• Traffic-related offenses

• No license (revoked) or invalid license offenses

• Reckless driving

• Hit and runs

• And many more....Gary L. Morris will handle all traffic matters

Don't face your charges on your own.

Gary L. Morris has experience as a city and state prosecutor and is able to view your case from both defensive and offensive legal positions; this allows him to confidently protect your rights in the courtroom. Call today to schedule your initial consultation and see how Gary L. Morris can help you with your unique case.

Gary L.Morris isn't afraid to be aggressive in the courtroom.

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With over 30 years of trial practice and litigation experience, Gary L. Morris brings big firm expertise to you at affordable rates.

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